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Passenger Removed From American Airlines Flight for Calling Flight Attendant "Waiter"

A passenger was forcibly removed from an American Airlines flight because he referred to a flight attendant as "waiter." ( More...

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What's with all the links from "AEROXPLORER"? All links are blocked to me unless i subscribe or accept their adware and malware. is there any way to block their contributions and links?
Sean Awning 5
The reporting tells one side of the story.
patrick baker 6
rude, but not ejection worthy.... Lots of tight asses in those skirts and steward-slacks....Where is the crime? over-reaction fer sure....
Rick D 4
The flight attendant reportedly told Mr. Ghansham: "I don’t get paid that kind of money but if you don't like it there is always another flight."

Flight attendants are paid to assist passengers during the boarding process, to expedite things. Both people behaved immaturely but for the flight to turn back because a flight attendant was called 'waiter'?
Highflyer1950 2
Actually, they are there to save your ass in an emergency. As a side gig F/A’s will offer some abbreviated form of drink or food service. You brought your own bag, you stow your own bag. Exceptions to this are well documented in the PNR (passenger name record) and the crew are already aware. However, the F/A should have handled it more diplomatically for sure? .
such fragile egos these days
k1121j 1
Sometimes I think we have forgotten who the customer is. TI was rude but a way overreaction in the industry of customer service.


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