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Expect Delays At San Francisco For 5 Month Runway Closure

Travelers flying into or out of San Francisco International Airport can expect delays from mid-January to July as part of a construction project to reposition two taxiways crossing runway 28 left. ( More...

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mbrews 4
Not good news. Rwy 28L / 10 R to be out-of-service mid-January 2024 to July 1 2024, basically cutting in half the runways typically used for arrivals.
avionik99 2
I clicked on the link and my Adguard immediately blocked 3 items.

The delays will be far longer than stated and we all know that! Why doesn't the FAA force them to cut the number of flights in/out of SFO instead of allowing that airport to cause so much trouble for passengers? These delays will affect so many more flights than just SFO's!

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Greg S 0
You are a virus, and a nasty one.
James Simms 4
I had no issues, must be the reader above
Roger Anderson 7
Gotta love a liar. is there anything on this site that's good enough for your standards? Maybe you should submit some content if none of the other submissions by anyone else is good enough for you.
James Simms 2
LOVE !!!
jeff creek 2


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