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Airline announces it will now weigh PASSENGERS as well as their carry-on luggage

An airline has announced it will begin weighing passengers with their carry-on luggage in order to better estimate the plane's weight before take-off. The controversial move comes from Finnish carrier Finnair, who told media they began 'measuring' passengers departing from Helsinki on Monday. Finnair, which services the UK with budget flights to and from Finland, noted in a statement airlines work out the weight of the plane, its interior and passengers on board to balance the… ( More...

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D Edwards 6
I am certain that people who are overweight are challenging the aircraft’s safe weight limits. Is necessary with the high percentage of overweight individuals.
so how much do the passengers contribute to the max take off weight of an airliner, anyway?
sparkie624 1
Kind of depends on the person... Some have more than others to add to it.. I am not sure what the average is now days, but it used to be set for 180 lbs per person. I do not know what the average passenger weight is now that they use.
Use whatever average passenger weight and whatever airliner you like.
Jim Quinn 5
This was a normal procedure during the airlines' early years when flying non-turbine aircraft. I remember a story that I read many years ago about one airline that hid scales pads under mats in front of the counter, thus providing passenger weight without their knowledge.
Rick D 3
Well, let me weigh in on this subject...
Russ Nelson 2
In my experience with dozens of flights with CapeAir, they always asked you to estimate your weight, so they would know where to seat you.
Brent Lee 2
About damn time!
Stef Lar 2
Given that this is voluntary I wonder how accurate this will end up being...
James Simms 5
I’m overweight, but I identify as weighing 150 pounds
Victor Engel 2
Boy what an annoying sight using a normal browser. I quit and opened in Brave which reports ads and trackers block. The count for this site was 93, I think the highest number I've seen since I started using that browser. The worst part was that the text kept jumping around as ads were added and/or dismissed.

Back to the subject of the article, I know they normally use average weights and general areas of the aircraft to estimate weight distribution and also assign seats for optimal weight distribution. So here is my question.

What happens with airlines such as Southwest that has open seating? With open seating, they can't enforce their desired distribution by assigning seats. Do they instead use some algorithm that's a good enough approximation?
sparkie624 2
I would like to see scales with 12 LED Displays lite bright showing the Weight...
sparkie624 2
Since Fuel Burn is based on Weight, you should have to pay your weight, plus the weight of you Baggage... Would be a much more fair system!
How about we go by IQ instead, then you could fly really cheap.
Jerole Nelson 1
you be you
My sister flew from IAD to SEA last week and the B737-900 was about 3/4 full. The passengers were moved around because of "weight issues". What if it had been 100% full?
Bruce Headley 5
Too many empty seats in one section of a plane (front or back) would cause it to be out of balance.
mbrews 1
If the airline is United airlines, they charge more for economy seats in the front half. If too few people choose to pay for those seats, the airplane will be " tail heavy ". So, they relocate passengers to achieve BALANCE.
matt jensen 1
Flying in LATAM it was common to see pax bringing tv sets on board and try tostuffthem into overhead compartments. SANSA used to weigh pax - if you were over 110kg you had to buy an extra seat
Cleffer 9
This is flawed logic. As someone who is 6'5", am I expected to weigh the same as someone who is 5'5" to fit your "standards"?
Marc Rodstein 2
No, they are not going to exclude anybody. They just need to know how much weight they are carrying for safety erasons.
sparkie624 -1
yes - 5'5 or 6'5. If you are OBESE then you pay extra. If you cannot sit with the Armrest down comfortable, then it does not matter how tall you are.. Simply pay for 2 seats and and go... Not being Racist or Partial... If you are a Person Of Size, then you need to stand up to it and that includes the consequences. I have always believed that weighing everyone and pay accordingly. When you purchase your ticket, you enter your height and weight and compute your ticket that way. If you have to raise an armrest to be comfortable, you buy 2 seats. Fair for all... I remember once I was flying non-rev.... I was assigned the center seat. On each side there were 2 severely over beast people who could not sit without the armrest up. I was sitting at a 45 degree angle because I was non rev and no more seating... The Flight Attendant came back to me (who knew me as I commuted often at that time) and told me: "The Captain heard you were flying with us today and wondered if you would mind joining him in the cockpit for the flight"... LOL... I could not jump up and answer a quick enough... Got to the cockpit and the captain said: "I heard you were in quite a Squeeze Back There"... I told him "Yeah" .. "And Thanks" If those 2 had been required to go through the emergency exit door, they would not have made it... Not by a long shot!
Cleffer 1
"The Point" went about as far over your head as your flight.
sparkie624 -1
That is the best Idea around... (LOL have a large Display to Display the info). They should charge based on Weight... After all Airlines like Southwest being more Cattle Haulers, should weigh the beef and seat them In Accordance with Weight and Balance requirements.
btweston 2
Actually not a crazy idea
clarify 0
Let's also take the temperature of passengers before they board. Anyone w/ a fever would not be allowed on.
Rick Green 0
Good. Check their BMI too. Gosh the amount of overweight people in this country is scary.

Better logic is to not fly commercial planes 100% full capacity but its all about those dollars and the shareholders!
Marc Rodstein 2
If the planes had to fly half empty, your fares would double.
sparkie624 3
That is why you should charge by the seat... If someone requires 2 seats, they pay for 2 seats. Problem Solved!
Rick Green 1
Very possible for sure but IMHO, it might be worth it!

Less seatmates, less stinky passengers and their stinky carry on food, faster boarding and deplaning. Faster service time by flight attendents. No brainer to me if you can justify the cost.
James Simms 1
So if you, Rick; had a condition that caused you gain weight & difficult to lose weight, you’d be banned from flying….
Rick Green 1
I don’t ever recall saying someone should be banned from flying based on weight


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