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FAA Investigating Incident Involving Two Men Fighting on Southwest Airlines Flight to Hawaii

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is investigating a fight that broke out on a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8 flight to Hawaii on February 12. Two passengers onboard Southwest Airlines Flight 1288 (WN 1288) from Oakland (OAK) to Lihue (LIH) when two men started arguing and throwing punches at each other. This disturbance prompted the cabin crew and passengers surrounding the two unruly passengers to step in and break up the fight before it escalated further. ( More...

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Thomas Francl 10
I've been flying as just another passenger (not a VIP) for over 70 years. Obviously, the mechanical integrity of the aircraft and the expertise of the pilot is the top priority that has become the norm with very few exceptions.

The second most important factor of who I patronize is the culture of the people working there. United used to be Class A, but now gets a failing grade. Delta used to be a cattle car, but now ranks as the best in the industry. I've flown Southwest 98% of the time in the past 30 years. The staff are competent, well trained, and obviously love their jobs. It shows. From the reservation crew to the airport counter to the flight attendants, they all exude the people-friendly culture of SWA with very few exceptions.

SWA has grown rapidly in the past decade and has had many bumps in the road. They are not perfect, their computer software needs (costly) upgrades, and they really need to bring back the onboard peanuts. SWA understands and appreciates average customers like me and I have no intention of switching.
tom treutlein 5
agreed --- peanuts too
Larry Toler 3
Customer service is very important. I realized that as a flight attendant. I always told people hate passengers are our bread and butter. Without them, we'd have no job. I certainly would get "bad" pax, but that's everywhere. One of the few things I remembered from my USAF Air Transportation tech school was the two week block for pax service. I was taught about using empathy when dealing with pax. Surprisingly (or not), that wasn't covered in my initial flight attendant training. Then again, I was sort of distracted by the good looking women and instructors in my class and wondered why did I get married so young, lol.
srobak 3
Delta use to be one of the last of the best. That changed about 9 months ago. They too now get a failing grade, right along with United.
macclad1 3
I agree. Nobody's any good any more.. frankly..
This will continue until there are absolute consequences for this type of behavior.
avionik99 1
Or as long as Southwest continues to cater to "The People of Wal-Mart"
I fly SWA primarily, but occasionally JBU. Over the next 6 weeks I'm flying JBU three times because their fares were better than SWA's fares to where I am going.

Does that mean JBU "continues to cater to 'The People of Wal-Mart'" given that their fares are LOWER than SWA's?

Also, does this sort of thing only happen on SWA flights? (Answer: no, it doesn't)
Bill Overdue -7
Hmm, look in the mirror and you'll see a woke racist? Besides, your skirt is showing! Try harder!
Doug Parker 6
Link to the video of the altercation:

Heading to one of the most serene, relaxing, peaceful places in the middle of the Pacific in which to vacation, we're so spring loaded we're fist fighting with strangers.

Time to restart doing a little bit more inside work…
Tim Dyck 1
Thanks for the link
JJ Johnson 5
Ban them for life from any civil aviation in the United States
Kenneth Meade 4
Ban both from all airlines permanently.
mimana 4
There is no reason to get violent in an aircraft. The maturity level has dropped to kindergarten level in many people.
macclad1 4
Just bring the plane down to 10k ft so there are no decompression issues, open the door and let them take their arguments outside. There! Problem solved! Win win win! You'll win so much you'll be tired of winning!
Tyler Barr 2
Chris Muncy 3
Alternative link:
John D 3
Any word on what they may have been fist fighting about? Probably something manly.
Jeff Steiner 2
And.... THANKS AGAIN!!!!
Chris Muncy 2
You are welcome Jeff!
Thanks for letting me know it happened on a Boeing 737 MAX 8! I'll never fly on a Boeing 737 MAX 8 again!!! You saved my life! Now I'm only flying on Airbus A320 NEOs!!!
Thomas Bate 7
Clearly the system that handles the chemtrails leaked inside the cabin instead of outside /s
I bet this argument would have never occurred if it had been an Airbus A320 Neo as opposed to a Boeing 737 MAX 8
Tyler Barr 1
Remember all the unruly passenger. incidents on the A320neo? That man that was voted off the plane back in May 2023? A320neo. How about all the guys that was duc-taped to his seat? Severa
Tyler Barr 1
Correction: all the guys that were duc-taped to their seats? Several aircraft, including A320neo
Tyler Barr 1
What on earth does the Boeing 737-8 MAX or an Airbus A320neo have to do with humans making bad decisions, in this case, fist fighting? What did the MAX do to make that happen?

The MAX isn't at fault in this case at all. it's human nature that brought up the fist fight. Only people can make those types of decisions- not airplanes.
Tyler, Tyler, Tyler. Read the comment again but use your sarcastic voice this time.
Tim Dyck 2
It was a little humour based on the way some people post about Boeing verses Airbus. If you see the absurdity of some of those arguments you will realize why many of us laughed at this post.
M.F. LaBoo 3
I have Reservations about Airlines that use Teutonic capitalization of Nouns in their Press Releases. Oh well, at least it's not in ALL CAPS!!!1!11!
srobak 2
When you ride the Greyhound of the skies - you should not be at all surprised.
So this stuff only happens on Southwest?

Juan Zermeno 1
Their argument probably originated from the bad vibe of the max aircraft
At least they were not exploiting their nth Amendment "rights" and carrying firearms (unlike the two teenager idiots in Kansas City this week).
trentenjet -3
Southwest, it's like flying Walmart airlines LOL
Bill Overdue -7
... and yet, another woke racist! Try harder to be less obvious!
strickerje 2
"Woke racist"? What does that even mean, and why are you posting it on every thread?
John D 1
They are basically racists. They feel safe saying the quiet parts out loud because their criminal heroes say it.
Dennis Stockton -1
They are from Oakland. Probably a turf war continuance.
avionik99 -1
The one guy probably robbed the other at the gas station! Typical for Oakland!

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Larry Toler 10
I think they moved up to the Target of Airlines, Frontier is like Walmart, and then you have Spirit which is akin to Dollar General.
sparkie624 7
I used to work for them and I left when I was assigned to clean Oil out from under an engine so the crew would not write it up... I am not going to put my license on the line and I DID NOT clean it up either and put my Resignation in that morning! That is something that can put peoples lives in danger! That is a critical item. If I was to rate them in line with International airlines, they would be way below any Russian or 3rd world country airline. I am not going to risk my license or my career for any company... Regardless of what they want done. How would like to be flying a plane that had Oil Leaking out of it... About 2 quart in an 8 hour period of sitting static! - Based on your account, I think SWA would be more compared to "Dollar Tree"!
Larry Toler 7
At least on the mx side. I think I remember you telling that story before. That is pretty piss poor and dangerous practice. I don't blame you for resigning. I have never flown on them, just overnighted with some of their flight crew.
macclad1 1
Dollar general?
Larry Toler 2
Discount store. Dollar General and Family Dollar have a class of shoppers lower than Walmart.
macclad1 2
Yes I know, I was being sarcastic referring to you being an MX for Dollar general.
Randy Marco -8
Tim Dyck 6
Strange accusation to make. I don't always agree with Sparkie but I have never thought him to be a liar nor has he ever given me reason to. Personally if I disagree I would rather debate the issue then resort to insults.
macclad1 1
avionik99 0
Thats why its commonly referred to as the airline of "The People of Wal-Mart"!!
Bill Overdue -2
... and still another woke racist! Shameful, yet obvious!
Bill Overdue -4
... still ANOTHER woke racist! This place is "full of 'em"!
Randy Marco -8
You resigned because you would have been FIRED... you are the BOTTOM DWELLER!!
Larry Toler 4
Fired for unsafe practices?
macclad1 2
Randy's had a few too many, methinks. What sayeth you, Randolph?


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