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Iran to buy 114 jets from Airbus

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Iran plans to buy 114 civil aircraft from European aircraft maker Airbus (AIR.PA), the transport minister was quoted as saying on Saturday, ahead of the anticipated lifting of international sanctions on Iran. "We have taken the first step in agreeing with Airbus to buy 114 planes," Abbas Akhoondi was quoted as saying by the Tasnim news agency. ( المزيد...

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Leonardo Lage 1
SO much for Boeing being behind the Iran/US deal. They are not getting what they hoped for. Oh well !
Bunnie Meyer 0
There is an old saying, "That will happen when pigs fly."

Now they will have new Airbuses to make that happen.
Tom Clark 3
Well, Bunnie, it's this kind of thinking that keeps the US outside the rooms where business takes place, deals are done and progress is made. When our "holier than thou" attitudes melt, perhaps we may have a chance to sit at the table and dine with the rest of the world.
canuck44 1
Pigs like dogs are unlikely to be welcomed on Islamic airlines...other animals moreso.
Bunnie Meyer 2
Since seeing eye dogs accompany blind people I don't think they could refuse them, some muslum country just stopped flying out of New York because they didn't want to carry Jews and the US gov. told them they couldn't discriminate so they stopped their flights, good riddance to discrimination. Dogs save the lives of people waking them up to fires, service dogs alert people to upcoming seizures, comfort people undergoing chemo, herd sheep, etc. so if any group of people truly detest dogs, they are just brainless. Dogs detect IED explosives so I guess that could upset some crazy terrorists, but where I live a dog went under a house recently and was shot and killed saving the life of a policeman. As far as I am concerned, any airline that doesn't want to board a dog shouldn't fly.
canuck44 1
...or drive a cab. I have 5 dogs (plus three cats and a macaw). Kuwait had a flight that stopped at LHR on the way to Kuwait City...that segment was dropped. the others were not a problem as a visa is required to fly to KWI.
Ken Lane 0
The theory is, once the money starts flowing to these other countries and their vendors, they won't say no regardless of how involved Iran is in terrorism. It's no different than the EU saying not a word to Putin because they depended on his oil.
Jon Van Staalduinen 3
Guess this means the 747 SP and other classic stuff gonna get retired now
yadollah saremian 1
please let us know if you get any information about the type of them
canuck44 7
"Airbus said it was not engaging in commercial talks with Iran until sanctions had been lifted."

To believe might take a little effort and winking.
linbb -1
They will sell to ever who has the money.
Paul Reve 2
"the country is ready to place orders for at least 100 jets with both Airbus and Boeing"

Ain't absolutely no difference with Boeing. Both companies will sell to whomever has the money...
Don't kid yourself.
canuck44 0
None here are likely to disagree with is just a little difficult a contract of this size gets negotiated within 48 hours with no prior contact. Many European corporations were at the starting line awaiting this, not just Airbus for the Iranians have a long shopping list. Their priority was most likely spare parts for their existing infrastructure like power plants etc.

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