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After repairs, fire-damaged British Airways jet leaves Las Vegas

A British Airways jet that was damaged by fire during an aborted takeoff in September flew from Las Vegas to a California airport on Friday after six months of repairs including an engine replacement and fuselage patch. The Boeing 777 took a circuitous route over the Mojave Desert to Victorville, where it will be repainted before being flown back to the United Kingdom, airline spokeswoman Michele Kropf said. ( More...

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MH370 1
"Beyond repair?"
yes seen that sounds fishy to me after it was fire damaged normally they would WFS
KVCV Victorville?. are you sure it's not going there to the scrap man or parted out strange how it goes to Victorville when it was repaired in KLAS and still with it's livery on the aircraft British Airways

You have a point there


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