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Vietnam Airlines flight landing aborted after ATC flags gear failure, Melbourne, Australia

A Vietnam Airlines flight came within a minute of touching down on the tarmac at Melbourne Airport when air traffic controllers realised the plane's landing gear wasn't deployed. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner was flying into Melbourne from Ho Chi Minh City when the issue was spotted at 8.04am on Thursday, according to the air safety bureau. ( More...

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Torsten Hoff 5
So the "gear failure" was actually a crew failure?
patrick baker 4
what is vietnamese for GUMP? there are only two kinds of pilots- those that have and those that will....where is the check list, the crew concept, the expectation that when the gear comes down it gets a bit nosier , airspeed a bit more critical ?
matt jensen 2
Ass câm, bạn quên đặt các bánh xe xuống!

Alan Hume 2
In a B787 Dreamliner?!? This beggars belief!
Jeff Lawson 2
Additional coverage from the Sydney Morning Herald:
patrick baker 2
look for a moment at the list of things overlooked at this near disaster: gear not down, flaps maybe not set, three green not indicated, a quiteter than usual cockpit, a checklist several times ignored, constant panel scans not done or ignored, and an unusual feeling in the yoke- lots more movement than any other landing yet- no red lights here to ignore, sharon, and perhaps most telling- speed control: 160 no flaps, no gear, : wow........
sharon bias 1
Isn't there a little red light in the cockpit that tells you this? And since the landing gear wasn't deployed, wouldn't that annoying voice telling you to "pull up terrain" be deployed? Seems like a lot of basic things got missed.
linbb -1
And we have another second rate airline with third rate pilots just like Lion Air and a few others ready to kill more pax
wozzlegummich -2
London to a brick these imbeciles were chinese or chinese trained.
Whyn Carnie 0
This incident has received minimal media coverage here in Melbourne. I wonder why? In the same week there was plenty of confusing coverage of a large aircraft that diverted from Tullamarine to Avalon allegedly because it did not carry sufficient fuel to cope with wind shear over Melbourne. Passengers remained on board while fuel was loaded and the aircraft returned the 100km to Tullamarine. Something not right here too.


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