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AirAsia makes emergency landing after passenger USB battery explodes

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A KL to HK flight made an emergency landing so the passenger could receive medical treatment for burns following a USB battery bank explosion. ( المزيد...

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Ken Fenwick 2
And nowhere in the article is USB mentioned. "external battery"
geckoVN 1
True: it is described as a "power bank". Unless it's a jump-starter for a car, I think USB is a fair assumption
geckoVN 2
Given the location of the burns (on the passenger), I'd guess the battery was crushed as the seat was reclined.
If so, the build quality would not be an influencing factor.

Stuart Barkley 1
Should have flown Ryanair - the seats don't recline.
Ian Garthwaite 2
Nor should any in cattle class.
lynx318 1
Possibly overheated due to lack of airflow around it.
ittechtal 1
Makes you wonder though. There are a lot of cheap ones out there. I always go with Anker as they seem to have a good reputation for working and being safe. But there's always that chance with any lithium ion battery using technology. The phone it's self could suffer from this and we have seen that with Samsung... You just never know. If might be a good idea to put the device in a pouch and hopefully that gives you a few seconds to react to a battery explosion.
Klaus Frank -6
Made in China -....
Alan Macdonald 9
As are the millions that don't explode

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