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US carriers eye unclaimed Boeing 737 MAX jets amidst fast recovery in domestic air travel

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SEATTLE — Boeing finds new customers for its unclaimed 737 Max jets thanks to the faster-than-expected recovery in domestic air travel after more than a year pandemic period that crippled the airline industry severely.Some airlines are now buying these jets from canceled order books amid a vaccine-fueled travel rebound in the U.S. and other parts of the world. ( المزيد...

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Minesh Patel 1
I flew southwest 737 max Austin San Jose. San Jose to Kauai Hawaii - same aircraft. Lot better - less engine noise in the cabin.
Tomer Ariav 1
Douglas engineers were good. DC3, DC7 DC8 attest to that. MD also had good engineers: F15, F18 also attest to that. MD10 had troubles but since corrected became the working horse of the industry and freight.
Jaime Terrassa 0
at blue light sales
Here we go again, corporations pushing their JUNK on the populace by means of Fast Eddie methods.

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jeff slack 11
Such a sad and pathetic comment.
Christos Psarras 4
While I'm not "condoning" or whatnot Patrick's comment, I will say that Boeing (and the culture within) isn't what it used to be BEFORE the McDonnel-Douglas merger; that merger put the wrong people in charge and seeded the wrong profits-over-everything-else mindset/culture, and it eventually caught up with them (as one would expect). At least that's what a couple of longtime Boeing engineer friends of mine have stated in separate occasions, and seeing what has transpired ever since then, I don't have a reason NOT to believe them. Regardless, I sincerely hope they learned their lesson, but knowing how corporate greed works, I won't hold my breath. (for too long anyway)

Only time will tell.
Mark Weiser 7
Patrick, Patrick, Patrick, such sour grapes from an obvious disillusioned Airbus Fan, oh boo hoo, stay home, I certainly do not want to sit next to a doomsday predictor like your ilk. Look out the ocean is coming....
patrick baker 2
in fact, i am a longtime boeing fan, and have flown some examples . I don't think much of boeing management these past several decades, due to quality and manufacturing control defficiencies. Yet boeing executives and board members have still been paid and have gotten raises. I am not a disillusioned airbus fan by any means.Sit next to me, and i will regale you with pilot stories and other pleasant conversation. Don't jump so quickly to incorrect conclusions. I loved the boeing 720 and the early 737's , and the 727-200 remains a work of art to me.

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