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Alaska Airlines Exits the Top U.S. Airline Route

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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced U.S. airlines to make tough decisions about their route networks. Many carriers are shoring up the strongest parts of their route networks and boosting capacity to popular leisure markets: particularly outdoor-focused destinations. Meanwhile, they are culling long-term underperforming routes that had stuck around before the pandemic for one reason or another. Alaska Air (NYSE:ALK) just made a big decision in this vein. The West Coast airline recently confirmed… ( المزيد...

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patrick baker 1
this reflects a comfort choice by passengers, in that other aircraft choices include: 777, 767-300. 767-400, Airbus 321, an occasional 787... WOuld you prefer to sit in a 737 or any of the above for a nearly 6 hour flight? Would like to know their load factors on this city-pair so i can be clear on what they are walking away from....
matt jensen 1
I have on many trips sat for six hours - and while it's uncomfortable in a B734 - at least we got there. Never understood why Boeing which had a #1 selling a/c needs to havwe so many models
patrick baker 0
the first model 100's were short range with limited seating. Going through the 200, 300 and larger models, range and seating were increased into the product. The customers of the 737 needed improvements and Boeing, the manufacturer accomodated them. Google the 737 and compare the range and passenger capacity differences between the 100 model and the 900 model. Question answered with your own research.

mary susan watkins 1
i dont know about the current statue os alaka airlines,but i do remember a long time ago when american and alaska had what was called an interchange agreement at the time,where people flew part of a ticket on aa and part on ak and it was handled as one transaction..american also did ground servicing and passenger check ins for ak at certain cities..i loved seeing the eskimo face on the tail of the plane!
paul trubits -1
Eskimo is considered offensive. The proper word is inuit.
bentwing60 3
have they informed "The Eskimo Pie" folks yet? /s.
matt jensen 2
Not to us who are them

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