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China Eastern plane carrying 132 people crashes in Guangxi, says state media

URGENT A China Eastern Airlines plane carrying 132 people on board has crashed in Guangxi province, Chinese aviation officials have confirmed. The number of casualties and reason for the crash are not yet known. The crash of the Boeing 737 jet, in a mountainous region, led to a fire in the woods, state media is reporting. Flight MU5735 was scheduled to leave Kunming at 13:15 local time (05:15 GMT) and was en route to Guangzhou. Flight tracking sites report the plane was in the air for just over… ( More...

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Chris B 1
Allegedly the video of the plane coming down.....
Kevin Keswick 1

Here is the Flightaware flight track. It appears that the aircraft just disintegrated shortly after reaching cruising altitude.
william baker 2
It couldnt have just disintegrated. Looks like it was intact before the crash. So sorry for the souls on board. May then rest in peace.
Maybe disintegrated might not be the right word but something catastrophic happened. Either loss of hydraulics or one of the control surfaces broke away. I couldn't see any wings or tail in the video. But I'll wait for a report.
william baker 2
I could see the wings but the vertical stablizer isn’t seen. There is a photo on twitter that shows the two pieces thou.
william baker 2
Either way we are just speculating here and need to stop and wait for word on what may have caused the crash.
linbb -9
Thats the best you can do? Thought you and some other posters on here had it solved already.
Do you have some kind of mental illness? I barely comment in the comments section. Why the hate?
Roy Hunte 3
He's mad another Boeing has crashed.
I think he is just a troll who knows he can get away with it.

linbb -9
Coulda Wooda might have possibly it crashed beyond that you know exaclty ZERO Troll.

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WeatherWise 4
You're the main troll on here, moron. Either play nice or STFU and get lost.


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