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Russian SU-30 Crashes into Irkutsk Residential Building - 2nd Crash in 6 Days

The Su-30 warplane crashed during a test flight, RIA said. The two pilots on board were killed, but there are no other casualties reported. ( More...

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Brian Johnson 15
Russia continues to demilitrize itself.
Leander Williams 4
This is not a surprise, since apparently Russia is suffering from a lack of qualified pilots after many have died in the Ukraine fiasco. It is only a matter of time that the lack of quality parts and maintenance is going to start spilling over into the commercial aviation segment as well. If it gets much worse, expect Russia to start drafting former military pilots from the ranks of Aeroflot.
WD Rseven 3
A crash a day is the Russian way.
MH370 5
skylab72 2
I suspect the pilots would rather live. However, corruption in a maintenance and supply chain is ALWAYS deadly.

Owen Grzanich 3
These pilots are like "We want to quit."


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