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WestJet Has Suspended Transatlantic Flights From Halifax, Vancouver, & Toronto

WestJet is struggling with capacity constraints and staff shortages this summer. ( More...

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Thomas Frisch 6
Yet another example of the lousy air service we Canadians are saddled with and pay through the nose for. The last time a flight to Europe left Ottawa - the Nation's Capital - was in 2021. Now we get emails from Google Flights touting fares for one-week round trips between Ottawa and London with 2 stops (one in Iceland) each way and flight times of 21 hours, costing >$1000.
don stewart 1
I agree Ottawa should have better service to Europe etc. but before I would embark on a 21 hour journey via Iceland I would consider driving to Montreal where there a a plethora of airlines offering nonstop service to multiple destinations.
Alan Glover -5
Thanks to all the leaders both foreign and domestic whose over-fraught covid response is the reason for this mess...Not to mention the permanent damage to our school-age children both psychological and educational as well as teen suicide, shuttered businesses and the shattered dreams extant...And many of these "leaders" will be rewarded by a complacent and docile easily-led public.

We didn't cover ourselves with glory on this one.

scottaic 2
How dare you challenge the narrative. See the down arrows. Stop blaming politicians for creating a mess that they can’t clean up. We all know covid was the sole cause of death for dozens worldwide.
Go ahead and down vote this comment. The key word here is “sole”.
Gene Kranz 0


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