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Airbus Debunks Rumors of A220-500 Launch at Paris Airshow

PARIS, FRANCE — Airbus announced on Wednesday that it currently has no plans to introduce a stretched version of its A220 jetliner, dispelling rumors of an imminent launch at the upcoming Paris Airshow. ( More...

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תום אין כמו הידע שלך והתמונות המיוחדות שלך
Brian Chandler 4
A220-500 won't take sales from Boeing. It will just rob sales from the A320. There's just not a need, or rather the damage an A225 can cause to Airbus' flagship NB plane outweighs the benefits.
Peter Fuller 1
As stated in the article, the A220 program is not currently profitable. Developing a new variant should wait until Airbus does what it takes to put it in the black.
Ren Babcock 2
As mentioned in the article, the -500 will compete against some of it's own 320 aircraft, which is probably why AB is reticent to put it out. AB is geared up to make 320's and the 220 line doesn't have the capacity at this point. The US plant makes around 5 220's a month, so it would take a while just to get it's rate increased.

If only Boeing had done a clean sheet replacement to the 737, just think where they would be at this point.
James Hathcoat 2
Amen on the clean sheet replacement for the 737. I flew 318s and 319s for Frontier for the last three years of a 38 year career. I loved every one of the 28 airplanes I qualified on over the years. But I really loved the AB 318s and 319s.
Already selling all they can build in Canada, multi-year backlog of orders across the whole Airbus range. Sensible to hold off with the -500 airframe stretch for now.
Dan Chiasson 3
FYI, there is also a second plant in Mobile Alabama.
Brian Chandler 2
Yeah and it's production capacity is pathetic. They're making around 50 jets a year


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