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Lufthansa Reveals Special Livery for 600th Airbus Aircraft

Lufthansa commemorated its 600th Airbus aircraft with a special livery on May 24, 2023. The delivery marks the important 50-year relationship Airbus and Lufthansa have developed. ( More...

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David Stark 4
Lufthansa teases special livery while 2 men stand in front of the aircraft.
Brian Chandler 4
Yeah dumb picture for sure, but even dumber article. It's just a sticker added to the standard livery. It's not a special livery. It's literally a sticker

sparkie624 3
UGH.. Another Adblocker!
Ron Simms 0
On Miami / Frankfurt Boeing 747 8 and return flight last month…how long will they continue to use the 747 ?
Lance Neward 3
Relative to this story: So what? and how is it pertinent?


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