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Boeing 737 MAX Rudder Hardware Checks Find No More Issues

Inspections started when one carrier found a missing nut on an aft-quadrant rudder bolt during routine maintenance. It only found undelivered inventory and found one undelivered aircraft with an “under-torqued nut". U.S. airlines completed the checks in “early January” and found “no missing or loose rudder bolts,” the agency added in a statement. ( More...

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sparkie624 7
This is good to hear.. Hope they return to better Quality Control like they had on the Old 737-200's and 727's... And just off topic... I would love to see the return of the 727 with 3 CFM-56's :)
silvernomads 4
Why have a link to a site behind a subscription firewall?

volvodadfast 2
Sorry. It appears that articles at this site goes behind the paywall after a few days. I will stop posting them.
sparkie624 1
It didn't for me, but that was 3 Days ago!
21voyageur -1
Same sh*t different flavour. This is a recurrent theme on this site. Owned by multi-national, run like a mom and pop hardware store.
Flight Aware should avoid including stories, reports etc from news sources that require subscriptions.


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