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Boeing Considers Wingtips That Fold

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Passengers on the future 777X may be surprised to see its wingtips unfolding in a design that lets the Boeing jet's immense wingspan fit at airport gates. ( المزيد...

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GeekforChrist 3
I think it's neat. I would love to see this at the airports.
Ricky Scott 3
Original 777 design had them. More than likely just a rehash of the old idea. Im not sure the flying public would go for them.

Although the Navy been using em since the 30s. I flew on the A-3 as a crewman and saw them fold tons of times and it never bothered me.
Jeremy Kudlick 1
As long as the weight of any fuel saved with the larger wing area exceeds the weight of the additional hardware, this will be an excellent project.
Charles Collins 1
I heard somewhere that a Vought Crusader made a flight with it's wings folded.
Jeremy Kudlick 1
One of the most well-known incidents was in 1960 when an F-8 took off from Naples (LIRN) at afterburner, climbed to 5000 feet then returned safely. The pilot reportedly complained of "increased control forces."

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