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Philippine Air lets customers without a credit card book online and pay at a nearby 7 Eleven store

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We have reported earlier how airlines in emerging economies have been introducing innovative services aimed at the rapidly growing middle class in the BRIC and Next-11 countries. Many of these consumers, often novice fliers, do not own credit cards or even have a bank account. ( المزيد...

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Donald Poorman 2
Now you can really get a Slurpee on the fly!!!
They actually have a lot in common. Airports and 711's are both inhabitated by the same clientele. Lol
Toby Sharp 1
Mark Panitz 1
greyhound has similar arrangement's also with 7-11
Torsten Hoff 1
So is 7-11 going to handle security as well?
Donald Parsons 2
That's who I thought was running it mean it isn't!?

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joel wiley 1
Well, 7-11 does let you thru with a slurpee

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