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Aerospace giants form coalition to stop unauthorized parts from entering supply chain

Feb 22 (Reuters) - Aerospace giants including Airbus (AIR.PA), opens new tab, Boeing (BA.N), opens new tab and GE Aerospace (GE.N), opens new tab on Thursday announced the formation of a coalition that would aim to prevent unauthorized parts from entering the global supply chain. The move comes after jet engine maker CFM International, co-owned by GE Aerospace and France's Safran (SAF.PA), opens new tab, last year said thousands of engine components may have been sold with forged paperwork… ( More...

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Gregg Bender 2
Why weren't they all watching carefully in the first place?
Dennis Stockton 2
China isn't going to like this.
Neil Postlethwaite 2
There is a difference between counterfeit and third party parts.
Tim Dyck 1
This is a problem that goes back decades but is more prevalent today because supply management departments look everywhere they can to save a few Pennies. If a part claims to meet the standard and costs less they jump on it without checking if it’s counterfeit. Then it’s up to us on the floor to catch the subtle differences between the real thing and the fake and we are often pressed for time and cannot look closely at every part.


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