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mervin miller 0
This jerk should be banned from all airlines. Who knows what he will do next?
Jake Kyser 0
hahaha what is the world coming to
mark tufts 0
the ass should b banned from all trael even trains and busses
Brian Martin 0
Are people on big, fast, high-flying airplanes in a post-9/11 world hypersensitive? Yes.
Does that make this guy any less of an idiot? No.
@mark tufts if you're going to ban him from trains and buses, you might as well go ahead and ban him from restaurants and parks; it's not going to make any difference. You can put tools like this alone on a deserted island and they'll find a way to make others uncomfortable.
russ perrine 0
What's the problem ? Security will watch him and he is vulnerable to attorney is Lockhardt & Gardner (-;
FedExCargoPilot 0
you never know who you are going to sit next to, that's what i hate about airline travel.
Robert Fleming 0
at the end of that story the guy says, "I'm a dumbass" No one is arguing with you on that, loser!
Scott Campbell 0
He just looks crazy, sorry - the type of person you don's even respond to.
If he was that drunk, he shouldn't have been allowed to board. time to check everyone ;-)
" everyone before we board you need to blow into this little tube, please have your mouth open and boarding pass ready" ......
TTail 0
@scott and that would be after being groped by the TSA?? *trying to be funny* did it work??
TTail 0
he got banned because its extrememly expensive to divert a flight for any reason.
Ferguson Sam 0
I think the "dumb ass" learned his lesson; of course at the expense of everyone else. As far as I am concerned (and I can consider myself as a onetime "dumb ass) all drunks are "dumb asses.
Scott Campbell 0
Maybe form a complete response....that's understandable T
Paul Cline 0
That's why gawd made bullets....stop the gene pool now!
justin gemmell 0
I think Danielle acted very calmly and she done the right thing by alerting the flight attendant.
Ron Mutchler 0
Looks like someone just landed themself a spot on the Selectee list...

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