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Cathay 777 and Dragonair A330 - near Collision over Hong Kong

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Two passenger flights carrying more than 600 people came within seconds of a head-on collision over Hong Kong International Airport this month, an investigation by The Standard reveals. Both pilots had to activate the collision avoidance system - with one climbing and the other descending - 17 seconds after they allegedly did not respond to instructions from the air traffic control center. The Cathay Pacific Boeing 777 and Dragonair Airbus A330 had 613 passengers and crew aboard. Former civil… ( المزيد...

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Sean Harwood 0
haha, outside party says they were incredibly close and it was incredibly dangerous...then the airline chimes in, "nope, wasn't dangerous at all. Nothing to see here!" At least everything worked as it should and the planes didn't crash. Kinda curious that neither plane responded to the calls from the tower. Perhaps the tower didn't properly communicate.
preacher1 0
Several things here: No reponse from either pilot? 17 sconds is a long time for no response in a contol zone; who said only 10 minutes fuel. Airline said it had 50 minutes after landing. TCAS did work as it was supposed to.All had visual according to the Airline. Is this just another slow news day and a reporter needing something to do????? This was an everyday occurrence years ago at KaiTak and probably not too uncommon for the new one.
It said 10 minutes of holding fuel, so there probably was 50 minutes of total fuel.
pilot0987 0
Just a a slow day in the news and a over achieving reporting trying to make a name for himself.
alistairm 0
spell check please
Jayden Hakunti 0
Sounds more serious than the airlines or Hong Kong ATC would like to admit. The pilots did not respond because by the time the controller send his command, the pilots had already been in action making evasive maneuvers. They responded 17 seconds later, after they got out of the way of traffic, hence the turning on of the TCAS. The atc need to be trained better, because these pilots just avoided what would have been a great disaster!
pilot0987 0
preacher1 0
Sounds about right Jayden. If that's the old bunch from KaiTak or their replacements, a good pilot knows to be on their game in that part of the world, but again, not an uncommon happening. It may be controlled airspace but very loosely controlled.

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