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16 year old added herself to no-fly-list to prevent an arranged marriage

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A 16 year old Australian girl has secretly gone to Court to add herself to the Airport watch list. She did this to stop her parents from being able to take her to Lebanon for arranged marriage. ( المزيد...

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linbb 0
Great who thinks that to do what her parents did is right? Those who do are just pervs who like young girls or who hate women and think that they are just slaves and baby factorys for there own pleasure. Too bad that her parents are not in jail for selling there daughter which am sure they were going to get money for after the marrage.
sparkie624 0
Sounds like the kid was smarter than the parents.
Jean-Francois Desrosiers 0
very smart kid there hehe !
Lynn Ambedian 0
Whoa. That takes some research! But how does one qualify to be on a no-fly list? I wasn't aware you had any choice in the matter.
J Belshaw 0
[Lynn Ambedian] I would have thought that reading the Court document would make that abundantly clear. The young lady has applied to the Court for its protection. One of her supplications was the very real possibility that she could be removed from Australia against her wishes. The decision was that the Court agreed with her opinion and that the most expedient method of enforcing its ruling was to allow the temporary 'no-fly' application and require the surrender of the young lady's passport.

Surely a citizen of any country should have the right to seek that country's assistance in time of dire need? Yes, I'm aware that many countries do not always have the interest of their citizens at heart - nor am I an Australian or Lebanese national.
Lynn Ambedian 0
Dontcha just hate when someone comments before reading the entire item?

J Belshaw 0
Indeed; you should be ashamed of yourself. ;)
pilot0987 0
Hahahaha smart ass kid!
Well done brave and clever girl. But have these uncivilised parents gotten the message? Uncivilised they are, and heartless. And well done to Australia for being such a fantastic country. Supportive with freedom and rights and an excellent structure and rules. This is why there are some tough rules in place.

Is there an export passenger list for the parents?

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