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Kalitta 747 crash crew battled dual-engine failure on take-off

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The precise reason for the disintegration could not be determined, said Colombia's Grupo de Investigacion de Accidentes in its final report into the 7 July 2008 accident. ( المزيد...

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Toby Sharp 0
So a 747-2 with 2 engines out at mtow only climbs @200ft/min??????
Torsten Hoff 0
No, read it again. They say the climb performance should have been 200ft/min better than what the plane actually achieved, and they are unable to explain that.
preacher1 0
This one could be armchaired to death forever but after 2-3 years of digging, an investigative board cannot put a definitive cause on it. It appears that one engine started it all. They mention High Altitude and excessive blade clearance. Combine that with Mr. Murphy showing up for the hell of it and taking pure delight in making a bad situation worse, and there you have it.
preacher1 0
I am also curious as to why he wasn't at full thrust to commemce with, and definitely when he lost the first engine. He probably did right by reducing the AOA, but if he would have been at power in the first place, we might not be having this discussion.
john maxness 0
Seems like creative accounting in the W & B department may or could explain why the numbers could not be meet. Combine that with engines that probably could not make the thrust the original design said they should do.
preacher1 0
Well, they did say in the article that the maintenance hadn't been great. Makes a real great case for full thrust on take off, rather than what the book says, especially if he was at MTOW. He was cloase, as they said he got to about 400', but with thin air, bad engines, and MTOW, he was screwed
linbb 0
Sounds like they cut corners and installed used engines that they knew were not up to specs cut rate outfit using cut rate parts to stay in business not the first time this has happened.
You're gonna get yelled at, you're not using periods again...

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