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Piers Morgan Tonight: Alec Baldwin explains the "Words With Friends" incident

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(first video releases out now) Tonight, in an exclusive interview with Piers Morgan airing tonight at 9pm ET/PT, Alec Baldwin recalls the harsh approach used by an American Airlines flight attendant right before he was booted from the flight: “It was done without, with no quarter, and it was done very, very brutally,” he says. Tune in tonight at 9pm ET/PT as Baldwin recounts the experience on "Piers Morgan Tonight," and also offers his unique perspective on politics and Hollywood. ( المزيد...

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pdixonj 0
I'm not giving that prick the time of day...
canuck44 0
Sure now he is the victim....not the other 120 people on the aircraft that had to put up with his childish antics just because every time he submitted the word "asshole" on "Words with Friends" his picture came up.
Brian Bishop 0
preacher1 0
Toby Sharp 0
s2v8377 0
Alec Baldwin needs to grow up. There was and is no excuse for his behavior. He should apologize to the entire flight and cabin crew as well as every passenger who were on the flight.

How is he the victim here? He did not comply with the FA's instructions which happened to be enforcing a Federal Reg. what are they supposed to do. Say okay Mr. Baldwin since you're a star you don't have to follow the rules like everyone else, you’re special.

If it was any one but a star like him no one would care. Shame on CNN for giving him the time of day.
billykid05 0
All in all, I appreciate the heads up. I am intrerested in the slant Baldwin's PR team have concocted to present the explanation or if he will try an honest approach.
preacher1 0
Did anybody stay up and watch him?
Jeff Carey 0
Not that bored yet
Brian Bishop 0
As if anyone really cares......

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