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Where are the books? There's nothing like a good read to pass the time when flying. So let's get some proper bookstores at our airports

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Reading on planes is a natural, am I right? The trick to getting through a long flight is distraction, distraction, distraction, and what better way to distract yourself than with a good book. Why, then, is it so bloody hard to find a proper bookstore at an airport? Not all of us pre-load our reading material on a Kindle. I was in Detroit the other day. The terminal at DTW is one of America’s best, and the mile-long concourse is jammed with retail shops. But do you think I could find a book in… ( المزيد...

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Mike Mohle 2
I do not think people read "real books" anymore. On most flights I see about 80% of the people with "Kindles" or equivalent, so I go thrift stores to stock up prior to trips or at my destination for the return.
alistairm 2
They would only charge you 2-3 times the price for the book anyhow, just like everything else in an airport, lol
Toby Sharp 1
...they are with the telephone booths,
Toby Sharp 1
palm pilots, paper maps, pagers, airbuses,
Victor Engel 1
I always try to get a window seat, because I'm far more interested in the actual flight than in portable entertainment. I'm not sure what I'd do if I were trapped in the middle of a wide-body. Seems like that would be very claustrophobic.
A Kindle costs a fraction of the cost of an airline ticket. It's 2012 step up to the plate.

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