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Air Force One recordings from JFK Assassination released

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As a work of the American federal government, the recording is in the public domain. This two-hour tape recording of the communications of Air Force One personnel following the assassination is a new discovery which was recently donated to the National Archives. As part of NARA’s roll-out strategy for this high-profile item, the digitized recording was uploaded to Wikimedia Commons at the same time as it was revealed on We hope that the upload of these files to Wikimedia Commons… ( المزيد...

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doug anderson 4
boyd, you are obviously too young to remember the events of this day in time. You"re comment does your age group no justice. this recording is a vision into the tragedy of the events that changed history. do not take your liberty in jest for it is in fact a very fragile commodity. your generation will have its time to make history. i hope to god for the better.
Shawn S. Sullivan 2
Some surreal conversation I listened to between LBJ and Rose Kennedy. She seemed to be so in shock that it was no big deal to her. She was rushing him off the line. While a tragedy obviously, a treasure for 20th Century historians.
zulu44 2
Boyd Butler - history is ALWAYS worthwhile.
alistairm 1
Nice:) One day we will find out who really killed JFK... maybe.
linbb -6
The space men did it or the shadows shot him get over it and move on in life to something worthwhile
Tim Smith 1
@Boyd: The same can be said of your comments....

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