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Airlines Are Googling You To Find Out What You Look Like Before You Get To The Airport

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Have you ever Googled your name? Most of us have, curiosity and a little bit of fear create the interest. But you're not the only one Googling you, in addition to nosy people, prosecutors and employers, airlines will soon start Googling your picture once you buy a ticket. ( المزيد...

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In the feature yesterday from the Washington Post, I believe, one of the hilarious comments was "Welcome aboard Mr. Doe. We have the finest selection of porn offerings for you".
indy2001 7
The only time an airline employee should know my name before I give it to them is when I'm finally sitting in my reserved seat. The last 3 or 4 times in Business Class on long-haul AA flights, a flight attendant addressed my wife and me by name as we were getting comfortable. Of course she was looking at the boarding chart, but it was still a nice touch and a reminder of how flying used to be. When we happened to see one of those F/A's at the gate a few weeks later, she actually remembered our names. That was pretty darn impressive.
zimmerfly 6
They can Google all they like!
Being and Old Fart who does not use TwitBook or FaceR they will not find many images.
Greg Brothers 3
maybe its a way to get people to not complain, and lower their complaint statistics? dont complain to us, or we are going to creepily google you haha
Chris Donawho 2
Start complaining today!!! Let's see how many free upgrades they can dish out!
joel wiley 2
A new extension in the use of the term "Astroturf"
Brad Joseph 2
I don't think most people like it when someone knows their name who should have no reasonable way of knowing their name. This seems like marketing folly.
phil gibson 1
I wanna start over Ronald.......what is it? 2 steps forward and 3 steps back....:)
kevin swiss 1
CPA has the purser go and introduce themselves to the top OneWorld frequent fliers (>100k/yr), no matter if the flier has been seated in F/J/Y classes since 2006 that I am aware of and probably before. Its a nice touch and offers a bit of that personalized service.

AAL does it too if you are willing to pony up into J or F class. The purser sat in the chair facing me in F class for 20 minutes in 2011 as we rode out some turbulence in a NRT-LAX flight, was very touching.

BA does it as well.

Sorry I cannot comment on other carriers due to my personal flight choices.
notaperfectpilot 1
what if they get the wrong person? LOL
sparkie624 1
LOL, like me, I have a very common name :)
phil gibson 1
Don't ever place a picture of yourself on the world wide web.........oops! Too late!
They must have people with nothing to do. lol
Ronald Padgett 1
Hmm... Good afternoon, Mr. P. Your police escort throu.. err, FROM the terminal is here.

"Uhm, ok, but the boarding platform is over there."

"Yes, we know where it is."
Andy Tyler 1
i admit it might be creepy at first, but i could probably get used to my own concierge meeting me out of the blue at the airport by name. of course the only people who will be googled are the ones who send in complaints, so i guess if people wanna stay private just dont complain haha
JJ Johnson 0
If this Police State privacy intrusion crap continues people in America by the millions will change their names to John or Jane Smith. Google that A$#holes.
Andy Tyler 1
police state in america? this is being done by british airways... most likely 99% of the people being googled will be british.
Chris Donawho 1
AAL will start it too Andy... Monkey see, Monkey do.
mfbutzin 1
Will that photo of my parrot cause boarding delays? Awk! crackers....

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