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Jet Engine Made From 150,000 Lego Bricks

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Rolls Royce have created the world's first jet engine made from Lego bricks. The engine is a half-size replica of the Rolls Royce Trent 1000 which powers the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and is made from more than 150,000 Lego bricks ( المزيد...

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tim mitchell 6
huh...not really good for bird
Ronald Padgett 2
Yeah, but there'd be more left over so you could reuse most (if not all) of the parts. :)
SootBox 6
"Made entirely by hand" lest anyone be confused and think a robotic machine assembled it.
Danish Nelson 2
I know what you mean, but look at thing differently.

I've seen amazing things made form LEGO'S, and this is one of them. One "Made By Hand"
tim mitchell 1
with the world economy the way it is they must have had a lot of free time
Stanley Simmonds 4
In the States we consider Legos toys, but in the UK and many European countries they consider them as educational objects used to expand a student's critical thinking skills.

Having taught Primary School in England for a year on a Fulbright Exchange, I found that a massive collection of Legos and a Lego table was a staple in every classroom around the country. Starting with the grade F1 (knidergarten) The class is given a weekly assignment to build a project. When you have been trained to expand your thought process thru Legos, this is what you end up with as an adult.
Ronald Padgett 3
Now if they could only solve the overheating problem.
TracyLee kilgore 2
Impressive...I think if children see this and find this was made with a toy they use...they could be inspired to make greater inventions with unlimited dreams!
joel wiley 2
But, was it the low bid?
Jim Quinn 2
I was six years old and living in England when I got my first Lego set and I cannot tell you how many hours I played with those little plastic blocks. I think this is a great project for both Rolls Royce and for Lego..
Nathan Quast 2
Impressive! Next mountain to move: building a full scale replica of an airliner... :)
Stanley Carpenter 2
Brilliant you guys,excelent work
Roland Dent 1
This will impress the MBA crew in the office and hopefully a few investors. Smart move.
Interesting to see it and then realize .. what it is made from and that it has motion !
Hmmm.. I gotta wonder. If this is what they use to teach European kids assembly techniques, could it possibly explain some of the problems Airbus is having? Just kidding, but still... ?
dbleess 1
That explains why legos are so expensive. When you're competing to purchase them against government agencies with debt spending accounts, that forces the demand and price up.
Tim Bray 1
This was a very cool build. Very Good job!
AONeal79 0
Jack Hawkins 0
Awesome! I wouldnt like to buy the Lego bricks to build it.
anthony delmonaco 0
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Rolls Royce Shows off Trent 1000 made of Lego Bricks

Rolls Royce have created the world's first jet engine made from Lego bricks. The engine is a half-size replica of the Rolls Royce Trent 1000 which powers the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and is made from more than 150,000 Lego bricks.!516BC0E5-5FA4-48C4-BC42-B2CFFA23872C
Michael Fuquay 0
I know manufacturers want to lighten airliners but this is ridiculous ;)
Brian Moreland -3
they got paid to build that?!
Andrew Taylor 0
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150,000-Piece Working (It Moves) LEGO Jet Engine

This is a 152,455-piece, 677-pound, cross-section, 1:2 scale LEGO model of a Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 airplane engine. That's the same engine that powers Boeing's 787.

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