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13 Miles High

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Make 10 minutes to see this. And listen. There is no pilot who will not be dazzled. Flying is beautiful An adventure. This captures the beauty and the passion. ( المزيد...

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rapvas 0
That was James May from BBC's Top Gear in the plane
Shawn S. Sullivan 0
Thank you for that PIREP.
AreThree 0
Very jealous that he was able to do that! I would give my left leg to be able to go! Wow!
Shawn S. Sullivan 0
Save the leg for the rudders!
Boomer29 0
Think of the select Blackbird pilots who soared 13 miles high hours on end in defense of the USA, and were the greatest contributors to the space programs.
und1974 0
All I can say is "Reach out and touch the face of God."
poppsy63 0
I agree with you und1974. The thing that griped me about this piece was the comment about the big bang. Come on people.
Daniel Baker 0
trishul 0
I wonder how much did it cost BBC to get May in that cockpit.
...pretty damn sure they wouldn't let you n me hitch a ride for some cash
olddieselguy 0
Absolutely incredible, I like his comment near the end, "If everybody could do this once we would completely change global politics, religion everything."
N97224 0
Just incredible!!!!
barrythemod 0
Outstanding! James May is one lucky guy to get that ride.
Robin Livingston 0
That was absolutely amazing. I do not like to fly but I would love to go there.....Almost in Heaven.

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