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"Bills seek ban of pilots' use of electronic devices in cockpit"

A quote from the article: "Such a law could have 'grotesque consequences' by preventing pilots from having the latest technology..." ( More...

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crk112 0
They want to ban electronic devices in the cockpit.. they may as well take away our glass cockpits!!!

And I can't believe everyone actually BOUGHT the bullcrap that the NWA188 pilots fed everyone... Of course they aren't going to admit they were sleeping but COME ON!!!
airbusflyboy 0
Typical kneejerk reaction by legislators and the Feds. They don't want to look like they can't or won't do anything about it. Glass cockpits are here to stay until something better comes along .....................
Pete Chamlee 0
As Mark says, typical 'knee-jerk' reaction. One incident, true or false notwithstanding, and the "Congress identifies the need for a new law. Somebody do a flyover and drop some sleeping gas.
airbusflyboy 0
How about getting something legislated against the "Legislators" ??? Like prohibiting them from more than one term in seat or acting to consipire against this Nation of ours ............... ???
Pete Chamlee 0
Ditto!! I've declared all-out war on most of my incumbents (regardless of party). It's fotts get better than this.
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