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If American and US Airways Merge, What Should Fliers Expect?

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American Airlines is on its way to becoming the biggest airline in the world after winning bankruptcy-court approval to merge with US Airways. Maybe you don’t fly those airlines often, but here’s why you should care: the consolidation of two major carriers might affect how seamlessly you can fly. It might affect what you pay. It might even affect your miles strategy. ( المزيد...

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Thomas Clark 7
Martin Cooper 3
It would be tough to be worse than Unite(Continental)
flyingcookmosnter 5
Lets just say that squashing two turds together doesn't make a diamond.
Michael Fuquay 2
Awesome comment!
Toby Sharp 4
What do you mean IF?
Carlisle Landel 2
It's already been expained:,31302/
joel wiley 1
That was a separate earlier thread in FA, you may have missed it.
American Airways?
Michael Fuquay 2
All these mergers of major airlines through they years, only thins out the competition, resulting in higher prices, especially if they shared the same routes.
Patrick Forgey 2
No matter what name they paint on the planes, the "new" American will still be AmericaWest - long identified as America Worst. AmericaWest took over USAir and kept that name, no doubt because it had better brand recognition (altho they weren't very special either)and helped camouflage who the core airline was.

A rose by any other name is still a rose.....which also applies to things that don't smell nearly as good as a rose.

Building on Frank's name suggestion, I'm thinking AWA on the tail: America's Worst Airways

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Damn Phil , you already make as much as a auto worker at government motors. Lol
joel wiley 1
And doesn't have to ask "do you want fries with that? Would you like to SuperSize it"?"

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Patrick Forgey 4
"expect the same low prices" ??? I disagree. As competition goes away, so does the incentive for offering "low fares". I expect the fares to go up. The airlines have wised up and dumped seat capacity and frequency of service to ensure they can fly planes that are full. They're also making progress at phasing out the fuel-guzzlers from their fleets.

I do agree that service levels, already minimal, will likely continue to decline.
Diane Davi 1
How sadly true it is!
Toby Sharp 0
joel wiley 0
just a minor quibble. They don't know me, yet I am affected. More accurate perhaps would be "...every other human being they can."
Bigger ain't always better. Size may be ALL they will have to brag about.
TWA55 1
The bigger the airline, the bigger the problems. Lets hope someone will get it right. I won't hold my breath..
ken young 1
Higher fares. A protracted dispute between the various unions representing AA and US workers. That translates to low morale and poor customer service.
My hope is the federal government or the Courts put a stop to this.
Scott Campbell -1
I have problems so im shutting my doors, no I'll reduce debt and claim bankruptcy, no I'll merge with another airline and that will save me, US AIWAYS, no wait Doug Parker, no
So I'll take America West, for the mid term, and still leave improving the product for another day, then I'll take American for another day, who waited until they were in bankruptcy to Improve their product, then I'll exit Star Alliance and see if One World can help poor some makeup on whats left.... Yea Yea then I'll be back at American - Got yah :)

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