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White Paper to confirm 12 Growlers, 100 F-35s

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The Defence White Paper, due to be released on Friday, will confirm Australia will acquire 12 new build Boeing EA-18G Growlers but reaffirm the government’s commitment to an ultimate fleet of 100 F-35 Joint Strike Fighters, news wire service Reuters has reported. ( المزيد...

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99NY 0
100 JSFs? Australia might actually get the working ground-based models, since the carrier version can't trap on carriers and the VSTOL variant cant land on LHA's without melting the deck.
Torsten Hoff 1
>> and the VSTOL variant cant land on LHA's without melting the deck

That doesn't seem like a insurmountable problem.
bentwing60 2
At the rate of price escalations, we, the U.S. won't be able to afford 100JSF's.
Toby Sharp 1
we don't need them either. The raptor should do fine to the next 15 years
Toby Sharp 1 all
99NY 1
True enough, but it does mean each ship will have to have a multi-million dollar refit to re-coat the decks with a heavier material that wont melt. A heavier deck means less cargo (troops, vehicles, aircraft) the ship can carry. Then there's the fact that the JSF was required by design to take off/land on the Navy's existing ships as is, not after making each ship be overhauled, and the whole program seems like one big waste of money.
Toby Sharp 1

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