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Avantair Plots Forward Plan, but Are Clients on Board?

A business model that did not work and inaccurate pricing schedule drained the company's working capital. ( More...

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Mike Mohle 4
Glad I did not uproot myself to go to work there when I had the chance!
matt jensen 1
Me too!!!
I thought Avantair had a good plan. They could operate 'so cheap' because they were operating with King Air economics at jet speed. Their pilots were paid well for prop heads. The management failed and Avantair will fail again without new leadership. I would buy into this company today. The government has wrecked our economy and that will be the biggest hurdle facing Avantair and their owners' businesses.
Thomas Black 3
but you can create work/jobs...if you can employ people and make a little money then that's better than nothing. More layoffs do not help our economy....
wingbolt 1
But they didn't make any money, they are broke!
wingbolt 2
Someone is always trying to reinvent the wheel, can't make money operating airplanes. Plain and simple.
Then we should probably shut the airlines, Boeing and Airbus down...
Good point. They can't make money without bailouts, subsidies and tax breaks unavailable to other businesses where they operate.
wingbolt 1
The best airlines have to offer is extremely poor service. If I stranded my passengers like they did to me twice last month I would be fired! So maybe they need to be shut down. I can't figure out how 2 failing airlines merging makes anything other than a bigger failing airline. There is always a new charter company that thinks they have the new answer to making money, but they normally fail within a year. I didn't invent the math, I just follow it.


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