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New Photos: Inside The Asiana 214 Wreckage and Cleanup

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NYCAviation has obtained photos from the Asiana Boeing 777-200 crash site. ( المزيد...

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Elizabeth Robillard 1
Great photos. Thank goodness no one was in the aft lav.
preacher1 1
Personal opinion only and I guess I just got up grumpy this morning, BUT,:
Too low and slow, pilot inattention to that, death and injury, good performance by the airframe, Asiana suing the TV station over the names(they have no sense of humor nor do they understand the American gift of sarcasm)NTSB has been there and gone and the Runway has been reopened.

Justin Bradley 1
These are fascinating. There was one closeup of the area where the engine pylon would have been and you can see how cleanly it sheered off, as it was designed to. Same goes for the gear. It's still pretty amazing that as many people walked away as they did. I'm sure Boeing will be doing a lot of examinations on that airframe to see what happened, and they can derive the impact forces the frame underwent. It'll be key to understanding why the injuries happened as they did.
preacher1 1
Oh yeah, and now Boeing is getting sued by 80+ that were on there because of no deployment and inside deployment on slides and jammed seat belts

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