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Businessman Befriends Autistic Girl on Flight, Makes Everyone's Day

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The mother of an autistic toddler, whose open letter to a kind stranger she sat next to on a plane made headlines, has reconnected with the man who made her daughter smile during a two-and-a-half-hour flight. ( المزيد...

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WeatherWise 7
Kudos to this gentleman. It seems simple kindness and understanding is in short supply these days.
biz jets 7
Great story, great post.
Ethan Pressl 6
Thanks, I don't know about you but it just gave me a big smile when I read it!
LGM118 -1
"Grace, sat in one row, while Mouland and 3-year-old Kate, who has autism, sat behind them."

Yet another example of news sources using "has ___" language in reporting disability. I mean, I could point out how tolerance of others' particular needs should be a societal expectation not worth putting in the news, and that the only reason stories like this become newsworthy is the general disrespect that society generally throws at disabled people makes kindness seem remarkable by comparison, but then again, making those points over and over (and I'm not the only one) gets tiring.
John Berry 0
Call me a curmudgeon but I just don't see how this is a story.

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Ben Ryan 3
Unacceptable. This is for discussing aviation, not your personal spamming site.
Rob Gibbs 2
From her history her profile looks like a "bot" not 1st time I saw this stuff
Ben Ryan 1
Very true. I see the exact message all the time but from different profiles. I'm thinking that they get reported and banned but proceed to create a new profile and continue spamming. It makes me angry to think that someone would use a website like this for their own (inappropriate) usage.
LGM118 2
Okay, I'm annoyed that now all these responses to the spammy post are now showing up as in response to my thing. Really hating those spammers...
PhotoFinish 1
Actually, it seems the comments re: spam got attached ti Johnms comment. (Not yours.)

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