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Exclusive AVweb Report: Why Airplanes Land at the Wrong Airports

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AVweb's indepth investigation of why airplanes land at the wrong airports. And yes, I know they did this as a joke... But it is funny... Besure to watch the video... It is only 1 minute and 4 seconds. ( المزيد...

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PhotoFinish 3

It's been reported that SW is trying to save the pilots involved, but that the FAA wants to pull their tickets.
canuck44 3
The FAA will lose that one although the pilots might well appreciate it if the bureaucrats prevail...the pilots will head off to China and work at three times their current pay. Just saw family of ex-USAir pilot that relocated to Tianjin Air flying E-190s. Very generous pay, leave and transport to and from the USA. No regrets whatsoever.
sparkie624 -1
In this case they have best of both worlds... SW can keep them and use them as Ramp Agents, and the FAA can pull their tickets.
isardriver 1
tim mitchell 1
yeah...just like
Tony Long 0
There is a related but also good article on this on
joel wiley 0
Does the FMS automatically transfer the drink order to the airport of landing? What is the ACARS code for it?
sparkie624 2
It depends on the configuration of the FMS and is an option of of the individual airline... The FMS could just transfer the order to the Flight Attendant electronically, or it could send it directly to the gate agent so that she has it ready for them upon arrival... Hot and Fresh...
Do you mean the gate agent will be "hot and fresh"???
sparkie624 0
Not the ones that I have seen... There are some hot and fresh, but they are getting less and less...
PhotoFinish 1
Usually only at 'younger' airlines, or those like LCC that are successful and still hiring and foreign airlines
Basically all airlines but the 'old dinosaurs' that have been furloughing employees (particularly recent hires) for years.

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