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MH370 had been carrying lithium-ion batteries in its cargo hold.

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MALAYSIA Airlines CEO Ahmad Jauhari Yahya has confirmed MH370 had been carrying lithium-ion batteries in its cargo hold. ( المزيد...

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Ken McIntyre 2
I have my doubts that a lithium battery fire in the hold is the cause. A hot fire down there would most likely compromise the airframe. It's hard to believe that the aircraft could fly 5 more hours with that kind of damage. But, until we find the plane, nothing is impossible.
Martin Haisman 2
If so they were just cargo not under charge or use and just another inert cargo.
Ken McIntyre 1
Some can ignite unexpectedly, even those "inert" ones.
matt jensen 1
We fried a laptop at home that had these batteries. Thank G*D it wasn't in the cockpit
John Hughes 2
How many lithium batteries are carried in flight on laptop computers or mobile phones or transporting PLC' for Industrial control systems????????????????.
Angelo Calleja 1
All this floating debris being sighted, I thought nowadays aircraft are made of " metal "

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jameswelbourne 2
The 747 freighter crash in Dubai a few years ago was attributed to lithium batteries in the cargo. It transpires that this large shipment of lithium batteries had been left on the ramp in +40C heat for some time prior to loading. These then spontaneously combusted during or shortly after take off.
jean marie arseneault 1
so what it is not possible that those batteries would have exploded in flight since they were not in use and let say that they did caugh fire then there would have been a fire in the cargo compartment the pilots would have de pressurised the cargo compartement and the fire would have been out within 30 seconds one must know that those types are put in an inert phase when they are shipped even by ground type transport the manufacturers of those batteries store those batteries in safe containers which are safe
Warren Fowlie 1
A question for the technically able reading this forum. I understand that a cockpit voice recorder is limit to 2 hours of recording before overwriting. My question(s): Can the crew disable the voice recorder or somehow block the microphone in the cockpit? ... and as a follow on: Are thete any circuit breakers that can disable to flight data recorder? Just curious to know - Thanks
jameswelbourne 1
Yes, the crew can erase the voice recorder, and on some aircraft disable it via CB's. The question is why do you think they would? If the jet flew for more than two hours after the initial incident, whatever that incident may have been, the relevant voice data is lost anyway.
Warren Fowlie 1
Understand - thanks
jean marie arseneault 1
matt jensen 1
Are these the same lithium batteries that caused the fires on the Dreamliners?
Martin Haisman 1
Not under charges or use so just another inert cargo.
matt jensen 1
Like the O2 generators carried by ValuJet?
Ray Thompson 1
This could be the initial cause - but has any body put forward the theory, that for some reason there was loss off pressurisation and power (fire) - therefore loss of power to radios and transponder - the pilots may not have got there masks on in time - or oxygen stopped flowing - the crew could have tied to divert - lost consciousness ( does not take long at 35000 feet) - aircraft keeps flying on autopilot until fuel runs out.
This has happened many times ???????
MH370 0
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Missing Boeing was carrying highly flammable lithium batteries: CEO of Malaysian Airlines admits

Malaysian Airlines today confirmed that flight MH370 had been carrying highly flammable lithium-ion batteries in its cargo hold, re-igniting speculation that a fire may have caused its disappearance.

The admission by CEO Ahmad Jauhari comes four days after he denied the aircraft was carrying any dangerous items and nearly two weeks after the plane went missing.

He said the authorities were investigating the cargo, but did not regard the batteries as hazardous - despite the law dictating they are classed as such - because they were packaged according to safety regulations.
Gwill Phillips 0
I have located several objects on the Tomnod satellite search site, and
all close together in the earlier search sites (not in the Indian
ocean) and marked them, but Tomnod doesn't seem to have the capacity to
check them all,
Or search and rescue are not following up on sat sightings.

Check these out, as one is very bright orange like a life raft..

Possible life raft, even looks like their example.

other six objects all close to the above sighting,


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