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US Airways, British Airways Begin Codeshare Agreement

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US Airways, which merged with American Airlines last year, announced the launch of a codeshare agreement with its trans-Atlantic joint business partner British Airways. The codeshare will be implemented in separate phases, with the first phase covering almost all of the two airlines’ trans-Atlantic flights. ( المزيد...

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indy2001 1
The airlines like to use the word "seamless" to describe the passenger's experience. We'll see how seamless it actually is, thanks to a European trip planned for this fall. The outbound flights to LIML are on AAL and BAW, with KJFK and EGLL connections. The return from EGLL is on BAW and USA, via KPHL. Although the reservations were made on, only the first leg (KIND-KJFK) is on AAL which is a bit bizarre. Unfortunately, that leg on one of their execrable Embraer minijets. Luckily the rest of the trip is First Class (literally, thanks to AAdvantage miles)! Somehow I think our trip may actually turn out to be seamless.

If not, we'll have the nice amenities kits and pajamas that BAW gives out. And the champagne. Especially the champagne.
samsterflight 1
Nothing at all odd about only one segment being operated by the marketing airline. Enjoy your trip on MQ, AA, BA, & US. ERJ are plenty comfortable. Wasn't that long ago we were flying DC6s TATL.

As for seamless, what the airlines don't point out is that even interline connections between partner airlines are nearly seamless.

Article doesn't say much. Doesn't even mention that US & BA used to be partners - a marriage that ended up in court when BA & AA teamed up.
eprn1n2 1
USAir is a huge presence on the east coast. Should be a great partnership for both companies

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