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Bombardier Delivers American Airlines’ First CRJ900 NextGen Jet - New Jets Use 5% Less Fuel Than Previous Versions

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American Airlines announced that it took delivery of its first new Bombardier CRJ900 NextGen aircraft, which was unveiled at a media event at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Tuesday. The new jet is the first of 30 CRJ900 NextGen aircraft that American ordered from Bombardier last December. ( المزيد...

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preacher1 3
Well PSA is getting this one, Mesa is getting some. Nice planes but just another nail in Eagle's(Envoy) coffin.
biz jets 2
Part One Video - the making of American CRJ 900; and it's heading on tour tomorrow

Photo tease;
Roland Dent 1
ccthorp 1
Thats what this jet will look like soon:
WithnailANDi 1
"Bombertobombadier.... bombertobombadier...."

Always wanted to say that.
Alan Tegel 1
Oh Boy ... The Devil's Chariot III is now in service ... home of the cramped and uncomfortable coach seats and no overhead bin space for even international carry-ons .....

Matt Hauke 1
WOW! A whole 5% more fuel efficient than the previous model which is probably over 20 years old? What a leap! Ain't technology grand!

Thomas Cain 0
Why on earth did Bombardier use the same name as a completely dissimilar existing model?
preacher1 1
Thomas Cain 2
Opps! Sorry my mistake, took the pic in the story as the CRJ900 nextgen! Which of cause is disimilar to the current CRJ-900.
preacher1 1
You got any pic's of the 2. I thought the airframe was going to be similar?
Roland Dent 1
New P&W geared turbofan on Bombardier has just self destructed. We knew the lubes were unproven and the design was known to overspeed. Looks like a bunch of MBAs have taken over the company. With two of the damned things who cares about ETOPS?
Roland Dent 1
This what's up. Investing in this company is a true winner. The only company that makes Aircraft and Locomotives.

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