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Airbus A350XWB: On board the world's newest passenger jet

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Takeoff on one of Airbus' new A350WXB test planes is a strangely quiet experience. Powered by two hulking Rolls Royce Trent XWB engines, you'd expect to hear more than just a low whirring noise when tearing down the runway. ( المزيد...

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Kenneth Schmidt 7
If the model is so bad, why then do they have any sales and options? The answer must be based not in logic, but rose coloured glasses. You don't need to repeat the mantra...... I already know it. If it ain't Boeing, you are not going to travel to a majority of U.S. destinations.

preacher1 2
The Cathay Pacific pilot makes a comment about it being a thing of beauty. Nobody, including Boeing themselves, has brought out anything yet that has even got close to the looks of the 757. That is one hi-steppin' lady and has the performance to go with it.
Ev Butler 2
I agree with Preacher about the 757. It is my favorite. I think Boeing should reconsider the demise of the 757. It has power aplenty and is a nice looking crate. Maybe the bean counters will rethink their decision if Boeing will re-engine the 757 and cut its operating cost.
preacher1 2
Even if they did it, it would be some engineer's glorious idea. You don't think they would listen to pilots and the flying public, do you?
preacher1 2
Not to mention that up until about 2010, it had heavy after the call sign, even though nowhere near the weight. Now, it's relegated to large.
steve rogers -5
just trying to cut in to the 777 fame ,
Nick Hesler -2
The newest passenger jet is the 787-9
I think it's a variant, not a new jet...
nicole ngono 0
Bing Yiu -5
Not even close to the sky interior, the interior in the A350 is square and bulky like a decade old... don't understand why will have people like sitting inside, just feel depress
There's medication for depression...

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