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"Hey flight attendant, the propeller lost a screw, it's lodged in my window."

A screw come loose from the propeller before it headed straight into the window pane by his seat. ( More...

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preacher1 13
Pilot may not have ever seen it happen in 25 years of flying but I bet it would cause a person to piss in their pants.
The pilot would never "see" it happen!!! He's some distance in fron of the propeller :-)
Er.A.K. Mittal -1
Without meaning to be offensive or insensitive, was the person who spotted the bolt in any way connected with ' lost and found ' department ?
Moreover such an incident will make glass designers give mile wide grin. Meaning , that's why I designed such a double wall crash proof window !
joel wiley 8
Talk about a bolt from the blue....
This is why I always carry a tube of Blue Loctite in my briefcase!
Make sure it's less than three ounces or the wonderful TSA will get you!
LOL Silverio............
Brad Herring 2
While it is not a comforting sight, it not from the PROP. Propellers do not have a single screw on them. The spinner does and the spinner has no effect on flight. The passengers should be happy that the screw did not go into the intake of the engine. That on the other hand would have an effect on flight.
jemillslaw 0
A spinner cracking and becoming loose or dislodged will sure as hell effect flight. Every preflight inspection checklist I have ever seen for prop a/c tells you to check the spinner and back plate for missing screws and cracks.
joel wiley 2
Clearly the screw was present on the preflight. It made quite an impression on the pax. Had the window failed completely, the 'impression' would have been deeper.
oleg sar 1
Tere Is about a dosen screws on a spinner.
oh wow..does anyone remember when a dc10 lost an engine back in late 70's because the engine was not bolted on correctly???scary..these things can still happen despite modern technology and faa rules and regulations..we are just human beings after all flying in a metal tube held together by nuts bolts and glue!!!
The engine fell off because the engine swap out procedure wasn't followed and the mount was bent, which overstressed the bolts. (I happened to be working for a company 2 miles West of the crash site, near O'Hare, (ORD), that day, and heard a heavy thump as I was walking across the parking lot from the shop to engineering. I turned and saw the black smoke column...)
oleg sar 1
Do not forget Speed Tape.
joel wiley 0
And the political cartoon showing a DC-10 and VW bug with the question
"Which has more bolts holding the engine on?". That was back when I learned why they said
"A Volkswagen owner usually became a Volkswagen mechanic" 8-)
I bet that was a brown trouser moment
brown trouser ! Really ?
"We'll be fine. That bolt only holds the propeller on the shaft."
Those spinner machine screws are locked bi anchor nuts. If it's from there the thread must have sheared off?

oleg sar 1
There no anchor nuts, just simple screws.
Jesse Carroll 1
How about the one in Iowa that the rear engine took out all the hydraulics. They ALMOST made it down thanks to some incredible pilots!
Now the are the best Freight haulers in the world because nobody would fly on the!
RetAF 0
Yeah, right...I spent 14 years flying the USAF KC10 which is the military tanker version. Great airplane. And you fly what? Enquiring minds and all that.
Jesse Carroll 0
You must have misunderstood me! I LIKE THE DC-10'S. AS YOU SAY, GREAT AIRPLANE!
I WAS JUST REMEMBERING AN ARTICLE SOMEWHERE AS TO WHY NO 10'S IN THE COMMERCIAL FLEET. Sorry about the yelling hit the caps lock button. Thank you for your service. I spent 7 years crew chief on Helo's for the 149th Aviation group ARNG.Single engine land rating. That's all.
Uh, would you consider "Fuel" and Tankers to be freight haulers.
FedEX loves them also!
jim eilers 1
Better check the the prop for nicks and dings. Don't want a crack to start.
Jesse Carroll 1
Thats one reason I avoid seats by the props. Not from the screw but the buzz saw coming into the cabin which would create a whole new problem!..LOL
Surely not from Prop. of the DH Dash 8-400. But if the window cracks, you better have your Seat Belt fastened. If not you might be pushed outside from the diff. cabin pressure, ~ 8-12 Psi.

Leo the Lion
oleg sar 1
The max press diff is under 6 psi
oliver lebot 1
this post makes me laugh, as first off, that screw has nothing to do with the propeller its self, secondly im sure as shit, that guy didnt not "watch" it fly off the propeller and hit the window,
and thirdly im 100 percent sure that it came from the spinner and NOT the propeller, im sure if you look at the MX log you will find it was recently serviced
Michael Hope 5
Based on the aircraft flown by the airline, it would actually be a NAS55604 type screw, with a tri wing slot for installation of the screw. Yes the nut plates that hold these screws in do loose their holding torque and the nut plates do get replaced on a regular basis.
preacher1 7
Thank you for sharing all this mx knowledge with us.
Actually, it's a better comment than "holds the prop on" comments. That screw does resemble a standard, countersink MS-series screw (#10) that holds the spinner on. The various props/turboprops that I've worked on typically use 1/2 - 3/4 inch bolts that mount the prop assembly to the shaft flange. Think about the amount of pull a prop puts on the engine and thus airframe.
oleg sar 1
You are correct. That screw appears to come from the spinner - there are no screws or bolts, or nuts on the prop blade.
I don't know if it is one of the bolts holding the prop but I'm thinking its time to land as the prop may be next. Just me.
Resembles a MS-series screw that holds the spinner on the prop. Props typically use 1/2 - 3/4 bolts to mount to the output shaft flange.
Ok. But when something spinning real fast starts shedding bolt(s), I would be a concerned pilot.
joel wiley 4
I'd think one would be concerned if one's aircraft began shedding any parts when in operation.
Oh, absolutely some level of concern would be expected. Not knowing what other pieces may be coming apart would be a big concern. I certainly would not just shrug it off. Hopefully, the pilots were familiar enough with that aircraft to be able to logically consider the possibilities of what the issue was. Props require balancing. Depending on the size/mass of the prop assembly, a screw that size may not affect the balance that much to even notice the vibrations in the cabin/cockpit.
Brad Herring 1
Thank you GingoZX for a smart comment. Props don't have a single screw on them. They are held on with bolts and they are under the spinner. Planes lose fastners all the time, they just don't normally get slug at a window. It is truly amazing to me just how little people know about airplanes.
preacher1 3
People pay to fly, not become airplane experts.
RetAF 2
If that is true why so many "experts" posting here about something which they have no knowledge of?
and yet blow the air of being way beyong ' experts ' ..... sadly
yes. and when they become experts , they don't pay to ride them, they charge for doing it .... don't they ?
Not to mention a spinner tearing loose CAN be a serious prob.
preacher1 2
me too. LOL
seahawker01 -1
The issue is not the prop but contuined cracking and failure of the window. Spinner screws come out, it happens (I have just been fortunate enough that I never saw one in a window). I'm sure the pilot was nervous and took approiate action. But you don't tell passengers "shit that's scary", you but on a calm face and say "relax, everything is under control."
rmchambers 3
Except the Dash-8 is usually only for short hops and rarely go much about 12,000' anyway (you don't even need pressurization for that altitude) I've flown on many dash 8 trips.. you're in more danger of hearing loss from those engines than you are from an errant fastener coming into the window.
Another reason not to sit inline with the propellers on turbo prop or reciprocating engine aircraft or with the compressor or turbine on pure jets.
paul trubits 3
You guys just cost me $20 to change my seat!
Only $20? What airline are you flying? :D
alan75035 0
Righty tighty, lefty loosey?
I bet he's feeling blessed today
James Hodges 0
The message telling me to log in said my comment would be saved. It wasn't. At least I can't find it.
Jim Quinn 0
Luckily it came from a point where it was not ingested...


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