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Passenger planes to report position every 15 minutes under new UN tracking plan

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The United Nations aviation agency will propose a new standard that requires commercial aircraft to report their position every 15 minutes as part of a global tracking initiative in the aftermath of the disappearance of a Malaysian jetliner. ( المزيد...

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preacher1 6
Better than nothing, probably ACARS or some derivative. Just a word of caution though; while it would pin down approximate area, there is a lot that could happen in 15 minutes.
Er.A.K. Mittal 2
For every innovation there will always be an associated hurdle or difficulty. And that has to be and will be solved . If the innovation is useful !
joel wiley 2
To whom would they report? Who would be listening, and what would be done if one stopped reporting? FAA estimated about 7,000 a/c in the US airspace at one time. Worldwide?
preacher1 4
Agreed, if ACARS or similar, no news, good news
30west 2
I believe the intent is for long-haul ops out of radar contact (oceanic, polar, etc.), those in radar contact are continuously reporting their positions via being in radar contact. The lack of sat coverage over the polar regions is a hole that needs to be filled before sat reporting, either data or voice, could be used by those that have the onboard equipment now.

The admin ground-based portion of who is going to monitor the data to track the a/c, follow-up if a missed contact, terminate the tracking, etc. will be a bureaucratic monster. I don't see it happening in the short term.
ag loyd 2
I agree with joel wiley...just another chance for the UN to get more control of the world. As we know, all airlines have dispatchers assigned to all their flights and keep up with them. FLIGHTAWARE does an excellent job of tracking aircraft. The proposal is rather silly and couldn't possibly serve any good purpose. My daughter flies international and through FlightAware I can know within 10 minutes after takeoff that she is flying, regardless of departing Hong Kong or London and the flight can be tracked with good accuracy....Just another government program with no real need and will serve no purpose.
preacher1 1
What is kinda bothering me is that #1. Since the terrorist attack in Paris, QZ8501 is not spoke of, other than early morning and they said tail had been located., but #2. In the beginning days, Indonesia said up front they didn't have capability to handle something like this and asked for International help.Now, Indonesia said they had obtained a BLACK BOX READER. It takes a lot more than a reader to interpret those recorders. I hope that because of a case of national pride that we don't lose the info that is on there. I hope they at least will have some experts in the background giving instruction, and that they take the instruction given.

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