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Flawed concrete found on Detroit Metro Airport runway

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The $225-million runway that Detroit Metro Airport added in 2001 was expected to last for 30 years, but cracks and flaws in the concrete that started to show just three years after it opened have posed risks to safety and are forcing a costly reconstruction. Airports in Colorado and Nebraska have experienced similar runway issues with the problem known as alkali/silica reaction, or ASR, which causes concrete to expand and crack when exposed to moisture over time. ( المزيد...

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preacher1 5
Good old EPA
Brad Littlejohn 1
What does the EPA have to do with this? Reading the article, alkalai/silica reaction (ASR) is responsible for this, and the contractor who won the bid for constructing the runway at KDTW cut costs by trying to mix in sand and gravel. They are responsible for this; incidentally, they are now defunct.
preacher1 1
He did for a fact and a what you are saying is correct but in the story itself,
"The cement manufacturing industry has increasingly been under pressure to reduce their levels of harmful emissions into the atmosphere," according to an e-mail from MDOT spokesman Jeff Cranson. "This prompted them to modify their manufacturing process to incorporate a portion of the highly alkaline cement kiln dust back into their final product." Not the EPA all together but they definitely had their hand in it.

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