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O'Hare tarmac photos land flight attendant in stew

From the article: "Some passengers who had just boarded a Spirit Airline plane at O'Hare looked out the window and saw a flight attendant posing inside the jet engine well. One of the passengers contacted the I-Team in disbelief, asking if it was part of a new pre-flight checklist. When this flight attendant ended up working their flight, they took down her name and later found she had posted the pictures on her Facebook page." ( More...

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The person who made a deal of this obviously knows nothing about the aviation business. Just about every pilot and flight attendant I know has that same picture of them sitting in the engine.
Joe Daniel 13
This seems to be a good story all about a bad story. This is a perfect example of fake news that gets blown out of proportion while real news gets ignored.
RECOR10 15
Please ignore all of the murders and shootings in Chicago this past weekend....oh, and did you see the flight attendant (is that what they are called now?) in the engine!!!
Shootings? In Chicago ? Surely not......they have strict gun laws!! :-)
SandVman 2
So true!
Pileits 7
This story is also known as "Yellow Journalism". If a reporter can't find any news worth reporting, make something up and report it even if it's worthless doing so!
Duane Mader 7
SO WHAT??? After passengers got upset, Spirit had to get upset and say
"This afternoon a Spirit Airlines executive did discuss the photos with the I-Team, stating that "the activity portrayed in the photo absolutely goes against Spirit policy."
No wonder no one is excited about the romance of flight anymore, its just a DMV with airplanes.
sparkie624 2
So True....
Jason Feldman 1
i wonder if the taddle tale feels better about themselves now? to go out of their way to turn her in for basically enjoying her job. i hope the little a hole gets a kidney stone. i had one. this idiot deserves it!
sparkie624 1
They don't care... They made a big deal about nothing... Just another complaining moron...
Jim Quinn 7
Holy crap! Hundreds of TSA badges are missing around the country and these people at Spirit have to make a huge deal out of THIS? How many people on that ramp are not properly screened? I think I'd put my trust in the FA and her clearance(s) than some of the other ramp rats at that facility. And please don't knock me for the term for the ground crew--they do a tremendous job in tough conditions as do most FA's....
Joe Daniel 1
True Line Rats embrace that term of endearment.
It is not the jet engine well, it is the jet engine intake. BFD. Some people just have nothing to do but harangue other people who are having a good time living their lives. I hope she works my next flight. She looks like someone I would like to meet.
sparkie624 2
Very True, and standing just in front of the FAN...
hope she WON'T get fired! Everyone is scared of everything these days, she was just checking those engine mounts give her a break.
jaxstrw 4
Perhaps they were upset because they couldn't get a selfie to post of themselves. Spirit could probably sell photo- ops before the flight.
I see Spirit has the retractable engines...
"Clear on two..."
sparkie624 3
Doh... So what is the problem.... I love the title, but this is not news.. LOL, I have taken pictures of Stews posing in an Engine and other places. As a mechanic I have stood in that location and many worse... This is certainly a NON-EVENT...
30west 2
"other places", you must have some great stories!!
sparkie624 4
LOL... Yeah.... One I do not have a story about was on a 737, I had the logbook in the maintenance van, a ladder under the tail of the plane working on it.. Almost finished with the plane started to move.... UGH... Looked back and the door is closed (a ramper closed the door and removed the ladder). With the APU running and wearing hearing protection I did not hear anything... When the plane started to push back, I disconnected every cannon plug that I could find.... Stab Trim, Elevator Feel, APU, and anything else I could find. After a gate return... A mechanic came up into the hell hole as we call it and asked if I had any clue to the failures... UGH... I asked the pilot to see the logbook of which I was holding.... The conversation went down hill and I won... I WAS PISSED! forgive the language.
Joe Daniel 1
I was hoping for a story more along the lines of Stews in other places.... No Pics,, then it never happened...
sparkie624 2
LOL.... I hear ya...
James Hanley 2
Joe Daniel 1
EXACTLY! Welcome to the Disbelievers Club.
Colin Seftel 2
mpinnau 1
And that reporter did a follow-up:
Mark Lansdell 0
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Engine Photos Land Spirit Airlines Flight Attendant in Controversy

A Spirit Airlines flight attendant found herself in the middle of a controversy after passengers spotted her posing for photos inside a jet engine.
Margeaux K 0
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Flight Attendant in Hot Water Over Tarmac Photo

Passengers on a recent Spirit Airlines flight out of Chicago who were disturbed by an incident on the tarmac may not want to check out the #stewsforericka hashtag on Twitter. That's because there are loads of photos of flight attendants posing for snapshots in jet engine wells—a show of solidarity for attendant Ericka Paige Diehl, who's in hot water for taking such a photo at O'Hare airport, reports WLS.


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