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"Married pilots hook up on military refueling mission"

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"Air Force Capt. Christine McLean pilots a refueling plane and Navy Lt. Jeff McLean flies an F/A-18 Super Hornet." ( المزيد...

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mattdavis 0
Really great story, thank you for posting.
Shawn S. Sullivan 0
WOW. That is FAB. My best to the newlyweds. I hope you both get home safely and enjoy one another on the ground.
flighttest 0
I guess this means they're members of the mile high club now!
Paul Slonaker 0
As a vetran of the Viet Nam era, I would like to thank both of you for the scrafices that you are making to help keep all of us here safe, since our current "officials" in Washington, DC dont have a clue as to your importance...thank you so much.
cow145 0
What a great story! What a night for both of them!, A life long top 10 memory for sure. Godspeed and a lifetime of happiness to the high-flying couple!
rjslammer2000 0
that's the most special story i've heard in a long time...good luck to both of you...
Michael Meek 0
How refreshing to read something good for a change. Thanks and best wishes to both.
Rich Cook 0
Amazing story, about 2 amazing hero's. Thank you both for your service and sacrifice.
From an OLD C-130 guy to you both..... Thumbs up !
Hanover 0
GREAT story!! It is fun to try and picture the whole encounter! What a special moment for them both. I too give a heartfelt thanks and great appreciation for your service(s).

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