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A little boys dream!

A sick little boys dream comes true thanks to the Make A Wish Foundation! ( More...

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Mark Thomas 5
Kudos to American for taking the time!
sparkie624 3
This may not sound like a lot.. But it was certainly the world to this Boy... A thanks goes out to American and everyone that made this event happen.... As a child I remember the first time I got to walk on to an airplane... Those are great memories that he will carry with him forever as well the ones who helped make it come true.
Brien Godfrey 3
Outstanding, and great memories for he and his family!
James Hanley 3
Oh my god! I want to do that sooooooooo bad! That was so cool! great job american
That was awesome
bbabis 2
A heart warming story. I've been blessed to be able to do that on the corporate end. There is no better feeling. Many many props to American!
Dennis See 2
Way to go, American!!!
John Nicholls 1
What a great story, well done to everyone involved !!!!!!!

[This comment was deleted.]

[This poster has been suspended.]

Albert Neal 2
Thank you !!! You're a gentleman, and a scholar!
Roger Curtiss -3
Hey...I had a heart defect when I was 3 years old. Granted, that was 58 years ago but still...seems to me a precedent has been set here and I may be entitled to the same treatment by an airline.
I will call my attorney.
sparkie624 3
Can I be the Judge... :).... Hmm.... Case Dismissed... That was quick.
Roger Curtiss 2
Yup, kind of what I expected. Oh well, at least the kid had enough of a thrill for both of us.
Please tell me you're being sarcastic. I cringe every time I hear that word "entitled".


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