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United pilot flushed bullets down toilet on plane

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Note to self: be sure to check all bags for bullets before flight! ( المزيد...

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Loral Thomas 3
When the Flight Attendant brought the bullets up to the Captain (boy, would have liked to be a fly on that flight deck wall LOL) assuming it was the Captain who ditched the bullets and not the First Officer, if he would have just admitted to what was done, told the German authorities what had happened, wonder if this would have ever made the news.
connor oslie 1
Soooooo... who had to be the one to find the bullets in the waste?
Geez, BFD. What's a few bullets in the crap gonna hurt?
joel wiley 1
What did you expect, open the window and toss them out?
Pileits 1
hahahahaha, honest you can't make this stuff up! hahahahahah
matt jensen 1
UAL's merger with CAL isn't going as well as planned. Most of those overseas flights belong to Continental before the merger.
joel wiley 1
From his actions, I presume he know they would not pass German security. How could < the possibly get past TSA? </sarcasm>
elcockm 1
i think UAL is just stress so what happened with the pilot or first officer may i ask?
Dee Lowry 1
The mistake was that he overlooked the fact that the "ammo" was in his Flight Bag. He had a moment of "cerebral flatulence" and chose to discard the "ammo" in the trash...then the toilet.Common Sense...which is almost unheard of these days, didn't override poor judgment. Proper thing to have done is to call UAL Dispatch and report the error and they would notify the proper authorities in Munich to hand over the ammo when they blocked. I find that it's an innocent mistake and really poor judgment.
Loral Thomas 0
Boy, United is just having a great week. Make that month. They couldn't afford to pay for all this publicity but one thing for sure: they are right at the top of the list for boo-boos.

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