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How Berlin’s Futuristic Airport Became a $6 Billion Embarrassment

“The architecture is good. The concept is good. It is very easygoing, easy to navigate. It should please a lot of people—if it ever gets finished.” ( More...

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Bill Osborne 1
Wow indeed!! Poor Greece1 Maybe they will pay for it in the end!
And I had thought that it's only the developing economies like my country, India, where cost over runs and oversights are common for all projects, insignificant to minor to major ones ! Kudos for the leaders and flag bearer of the Euro Union .
Ian Deans 1
Oh no, Mr Mittal, you can name just about any project our governments get involved in here in Australia will result in massive cost and time overuns too. I hope Germany sorts this mess out.
ThanX my friend Ian Deans for your words which give me a lot of solace BUT not consolation, sadly :-(
We, Indians make very tall claims on the level of intelligentsia but to what avail ?
My half cent opinion !


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