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Phenom 300 crashes on landing, Blackbushe, England

Four people died when a business jet crashed at a private airport in Hampshire and ploughed into an adjacent car auction centre, police have said. The pilot of the aircraft and the three passengers (members of the Bin Laden family) all died, while no one on the ground was killed. The Phenom 300, a light aircraft with space for up to nine passengers and thought to be worth £6m, crashed as it attempted to land at Blackbushe airport, seven miles north-west of Farnborough, a spokesman for the… ( More...

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Jeff Lawson 2
Fatal flight track for HZ-IBN --

Picture from 3 years ago --
Chris B 2
Chris B 1
Initial Cause of Accident report:
Jeff Lawson 1
Another news article with more details:
canuck44 1
This won't make a big dent in the numbers of this family...the old man, Mohammad, had over 50 children by numerous wives of which Osama was but one. There are now over 600 members of the family, most of whom remain close to the Saudi royal family.
Pileits 1
LQQk out Political Correntness going on in here.
WtfWtf 0
linbb 1
How would that be as she just happened to be the mother of him and didn't follow his ways according to the story. She used her money to support and help people and didn't live in a palace. Your comment is unneeded and in very poor taste also.
WtfWtf 2
But that doesn't make it any less ironic.
C Anderson -2
Compassionate people call it Tragedy. Only the tasteless see irony. This family disowned OBL in the early 90's and disavowed everything he represented. You are as despicable as he was. Your inhumanity has only a slightly different manifestation. You are disgusting and should be dismissed from FlightAware.
WtfWtf 5
You are the most judgemental alarmist drama queen I have ever seen online. To compare me with a terrorist? Middle finger to you.
C Anderson -5
Whatever, low-life.
WtfWtf 3
Have a nice weekend
C Anderson 0
We have few good days since my son was lost. Maybe if it was your family your attitude might be a bit different. Until then, enjoy you days of privilege. Try to be a better man. If you can, you'll be glad you did.
WtfWtf 3
I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your son. No living person or creature should EVER have to go through that. And trust me, I don't take a second for granted.

I still must say the comment boards or pretty much anywhere online aren't the best place to vent your feelings through different topics that aren't related to what's really on your mind. If you were close by I'd buy you a beer and you can vent anything you'd want, and I'd only hope it somehow helped get you through the sadness and maybe feel a bit better. If you need to talk to someone, you definitely should not hesitate to reach out for help. You just have to realise that most people online aren't entirely serious behind the shroud of anonymity. But that does not make everyone as bad as the piece of garbage that OBL was.

I'm sure your son would only want you and your family to be happy, and I'm sure he was an awesome kid. He is in a much better place now, at peace. I hope you someday find yours. =( Cheers to you, your family, and your son, and again I'm sorry about your misfortune.
Try to find someone who will listen. Look for support groups, with people who have had similar horrible things happen. It really helps, and you are not alone. People DO care even though some have a terrible time showing it.
John Cotton 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Three of Osama bin Laden's family killed in plane crash

The sister, stepmother and a brother-in-law of Osama bin Laden were on holiday in the UK when their private jet crashed into a car auction site during an attempted landing at a Hampshire airport, killing them both.
ltcjra 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Pilot and three passengers killed as Saudi private jet crashes into car dealership after trying to land at Hampshire airport

Aircraft is said to have overshot the runway and crashed into a carpark;The aircraft is believed to be a Embraer Phenom 300


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