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Planes bump into each other at LAX

Two passenger planes bumped into each other Sunday evening on the tarmac at Los Angeles International Airport, according to CBS Los Angeles, but nobody was hurt and the only casualties appeared to be about 340 passengers' schedules. United Airlines Flight 199 came into contact with an Alaska Airlines jet near Terminal 7 after landing from New Jersey. The Alaska jet was being pushed back from the gate prior to takeoff at the time. United Airlines confirmed the incident, saying in a statement… ( More...

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preacher1 2
No more than anybody pays attention these days, I am really surprised it doesn't happen more often. Not being there, I can armchair, but on a pushback, there are normally a couple of wing walkers and unless memory escapes me, one of their jobs is to watch for other aircraft and stop the tug driver if there is an obstruction. Somebody screwed up here.
M.F. LaBoo 2
Sounds like somebody was, well, a bit LAX.
preacher1 1


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